Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DC: Buying 'Justice League' No. 1 online

One of the big points of the DC relaunch was the ability to buy comics online the same day they are out in stores.

That is a huge step forward, especially for people no where near a comic store.

This also opens up comics to a heck of a lot more people. Especially people with tablets and iPads.

Stephanie and I decided that she would buy the new "Justice League" No. 1 in the comic store (4 Color Fantasies btw) and I would buy it online just to see how it works.

In our video interview with 4 Color Fantasies co-owner Chris Brady (to be posted soon) a brand new fact came to light.

If you go to your comic store's website and they have a link to the online comics, they get paid for that! I was, in some ways, leery of buying my comics online because it felt like I was taking money away from the shop I would normally go to.

Here's the main reason I want to buy comics online: I can get them on my lunch half hour, read them and be back to work. Boom. Nothing else.

Thankfully my online DC Comics purchases are going to a shop that truly deserves them.

Here are some videos I made showing how easy it was to get "Justice League" No. 1 online:

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