Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yay! Comic-Con is over... wait, D23?

Comic-Con 2011 is over.

Stephanie is still curled up in a fetal position weeping uncontrollably.

She doesn't have much time to recover as the Disney convention D23 is right around the corner.

Scaled back from the first one two years ago, this one is fewer days.

The entire schedule isn't out yet, but we do know a few things of interest.

Especially to us. Marvel is going to have a big presence at D23. Helps make up for the limited participation at Comic-Con.

Saturday, Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege will be on hand to talk about feature films. Mainly "The Avengers." Will we get more footage? Perhaps a repeat of Comic-Con with the entire cast showing up?

The next day, Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada will host an entire panel about Marvel Comics in the Arena. That is the Anaheim Convention Center's answer to Hall H.

Here is how that panel is being described:

An exclusive and unprecedented experience that will take you through the evolution of Marvel from its first comic book in 1939 to its current position as one of the most important creative forces in the world. During this presentation, which will include interactive Q&A segments, you will not only get an inside glimpse of the history of Marvel and its iconic Super Heroes but also discover why Marvel truly is the House of Ideas.

I just have a feeling that die-hard Disney fans are not going to be interested in this panel. They truly only care about old school Disney and not Marvel at all.

Which is fine, because that is more room for Stephanie and I.

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