Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wait, wrestling is cool again?

I'm sorry... "sports entertainment."

I haven't religiously watched World Wrestling Entertainment since the late '90s.

We here at Inscaped make it a point to cover things in entertainment that are interesting and awesome.

So it was a bit of surprise a few weeks ago when something quite interesting and awesome happened:

Obviously all part of the plan, but this is a great use of the term "the truth hurts."

Many of the things CM Punk said in that promo were things fans were thinking. Heck I stopped watching WWE because of some of those things.

WWE played off of this by using the Internet to its advantage. This video was all over YouTube and Twitter blew up. They got mainstream coverage from places like GQ magazine and the Jim Rome show.

As a point of reference, that NEVER happens.

The reality was Punk's real contract was up and he was leaving, so everyone thought all of this was a bit of truth mixed up with a clever storyline to mark his exit.

They even made a stipulation that if John Cena couldn't beat Punk at the pay per view he would be fired. Many fans, including myself, thought "OK, well they aren't going to fire Cena, storyline or not."

The WWE surprised everyone again by giving Punk the win and the title. Which then he promptly took and "quit."

*clap clap clap* Good job WWE, way to keep us on our toes.

So the next night head honcho Vince McMahon was going to fire Cena. But, before he could his son-in-law and former World Champion Triple H came out, took control of the company and told McMahon his "services were no longer required."

Another excellent swerve.

All the while, Punk is posting Twitter updates showing him with the championship title around Chicago.

Cut to Comic-Con and the WWE had a panel with Mattel toys. And guess who showed up...

Wow WWE, way to really sell this.

So, again YouTube and Twitter blow up and everyone is talking about this.

Cut to Monday's "Raw." Cena wins the World Title and someone makes a grand, excellent (re)entrance:

Surprise, surprise. WWE can still surprise us afterall.

And leaving no doubt about what is going to happen:

Want more proof how popular this storyline is? Take a look at how much these rare Punk shirts are going for on Ebay.

Bottom line: Good television is good television. If "Survivor" and "The Vampire Diaries" can shock and amaze people, then WWE can too. Especially a product that has been around for decades and to this day can still make an already rabid fan base hungry for more.

And even bring back past viewers such as myself.

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