Monday, July 4, 2011

'True Blood' season four, episode two recap

After last week's surprise packed premiere, "True Blood's" second episode of the fourth season settled in to begin revealing where this season's story arcs will go.

The action picked up with Eric in Sookie's bedroom telling her that she was his. She resisted of course, causing women worldwide to wonder why she's so stupid. The most fantastical element of the show may be the fact that a woman didn't want to be kept by Alexander Skarsgard.

Thank god for Pam. She let Sookie know that she needed to belong to somebody and Eric would be a good choice. It does seem like after everything she's been through she would realize that she needs protection. As much as viewers like her, Sookie is one of those characters who never quite learns her lesson.

Meanwhile, it was revealed through flashbacks that Bill has been working with the American Vampire League since 1982. It was a fun touch to see Bill living in England as a punk rocker in the '80s. The scene gave him a little more character and allowed Stephen Moyer to use his own voice for a change.

This revelation led to how Bill became King of Louisiana. He brought backup to his fight with the queen and she was shot with wooden bullets with a silver core. It was quite a disgusting and unceremonious end for Queen Sophie Anne.

Compared to Eric, Bill has always seemed a little boring. However, as king he has an edge that makes their fight for Sookie more competitive.

So far the weak link this season is Jason's storyline in Hotshot. Why he cares so much about Crystal and her crazy kin, is mind-bottling? Every time the action cut back to him tied to that bed, it brought the show to a screeching halt.

Last season's plot vacuum Tara, returned but her time has matured her, making her more likable and smarter. She immediately senses there's something off with Lafayette and Jesus' coven and is ready to get back to her life as Toni.

When Eric shows up to the confront the witches, who are necromancers, all hell breaks loose.

The witches cursed Eric with amnesia, which led to Skarsgard's hottest scene yet. When he came stumbling onto the road with that sweet naive look on his face, there's not a woman alive who could have resisted.

Skarsgard really shined, instantly indicating with his eyes that this was not the Eric we had spent three years falling in love with.

Now that Eric has amnesia, it's time for the audience to finally get the Sookie/Eric love story they've been waiting for.

Next week brings the fallout from Eric's condition and hopefully more Pam.

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