Friday, July 29, 2011

Marvel going back to the start (kind of)

Marvel Comics is going back to the beginning of some of its super heroes come February.

Daredevil (the amazingly awesome cover above), the X-Men, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four will each get a new graphic novel series titled "Season One."

“With Marvel Season One we’ve assembled a group of great creators who’re delivering exciting, iconic, in-continuity stories of our most popular heroes,” said Tom Brevoort, Marvel SVP/Executive Editor, in a press release. “If you’re a new fan, you can start your journey into comics with Season One and if you’re a seasoned fan you’ll find some thrilling new insight into your favorite characters.”

So, not full reboots, just a new look at the first adventures. I'm fine with that.

Just to show how old school this is going to be, take a look at the cover to the "X-Men" one:

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