Friday, July 15, 2011

'Harry Potter' shatters the midnight record

How much money Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 would make from midnight showings was at the top of the conversation list during my 13 hours in line yesterday.

I was completely positive that it would break the record Eclipse made with $30 million, but even I didn't expect it to be not only shattered, but completely obliterated. $43.5 million is more money than most movies make in one weekend. There is no doubt it will break the opening day record held my New Moon with $72 million, but how much will it make in one weekend?

The current weekend box office record is held by The Dark Knight with $158.4 million. As many records as this franchise has already broken, I can see this final installment setting unbelievable highs that may take a long time to break. Harry Potter has been a worldwide phenomena for the last decade, not to be replaced so easily. If it can shatter weekend records, will it have a chance in catching the top 3 on the all time box office? Being released not only in 2D, but also 3D format gives it a advantage over The Dark Knight and Titanic. Avatar's $760 million is still miles and miles away. However, don't count out Harry Potter's deathly loyal fans just yet. I know I won't settle seeing this movie in theaters just once, and neither will others.

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