Friday, July 22, 2011

Day One of Comic Con from the Exhibit Hall floor

Of all the years that I have been going to Comic Con, I have never spent a whole day exploring the Exhibit Hall and it's million different booths. But, I guess there is a first for everything.

My original plan was to check on when they were handing out the tickets for Gerard Way's signing at the Dark Horse booth tomorrow, then get in line for Ballroom 20, because I was really looking forward to the Game of Thrones panel. However, with my long history of NEVER winning the Gerard Way raffle, I decided that I needed to spend the entire day gathering as many tickets as I could for him so I would absolutely be one of those 100 people. After losing for the last four years in a row, I'm going to take it if I lost again.

And so my adventurous circles around the Exhibit Hall began, as long as I passed by the Dark Horse booth every 30 minutes or so to see if I could get another raffle ticket... Along the way, I of course met some great people, saw a few celebrities and collected some free stuff.

As far as seeing celebrities goes, I did catch a glimpse of Chris Evans at the Marvel booth for a signing, but was nowhere near tall enough to get a picture. I also got to watch the Game of Thrones cast for a minute as they were doing their signing at the WB booth, but failed to get any good pictures of them... but that may be due to Kit Harrington being so damn distracting.

By the way, make sure you guys stayed tuned from my results of my interview with Jason Momoa tomorrow, who played Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and is the star of the new Conan the Barbarian.

There are always a number of great costumes at Comic Con every year, and although saturday is the day nearly half of the crowd comes dressed, I did see a handful of very worthy ones today. My favorite is between the best John Crichton and the EPIC registration computer. I'll tell you, I was quite disappointed that one of the official convention shirts was not something with EPIC's logo on the front. But I did start laughing hysterically when I saw this girl appear out of the crowd...

Stephanie and I also got the chance to see an early screening of Captain America, which is out tomorrow... well, today. Chris Evans is a fantastic Captain and Tommy Lee Jones stole every single shot he was in. But the real excitement came after the credits with the first REAL Avengers teaser. I won't spoil you on any details, because that trailer has definitely been worth the wait.

Now, I would take about the ridiculous quest that we found ourselves on at midnight tonight trying to get back to our hotel in Mission Valley, but I think the shuttle service deserves its own story this year.

It was a great first day to every nerd's favorite week of the year, and I'm just sitting in my bed hoping and praying that I get into the Gerard Way signing tomorrow, which would make missing the Game of Thrones panel today worth it in the end.

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readingdate said...

Did you score one of the Gerard Way tickets? I found out too late that he would be there, but my daughter would have loved to go to the signing. Sounds near impossible though! Maybe next year.
I heard a lot of people were shut out of Game of Thrones. I think that one should have been in Hall H.
I'm enjoying your recaps!