Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dark Horse announces three new projects!

The Dark Horse booth was packed tonight as Stephanie and I waited for this big announcement that they have been teasing us about for the last month.

The first of three new projects they announced was supposed to include a surprise appearance by legendary director Guillermo Del Toro. However, he was injured during filming and couldn't appear tonight... but he should be at the panel tomorrow. He will be writing "The Strain". A comic of REAL "scary vampires", said Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson. This of course, got a rather large career from the gathered crowd.

The second new series will be based on the popular young adult series, Dark Horse will be releasing the "House of Night" graphic novel starting this fall, written by P.C. Cast, the mother of the writing duo. During his introduction of Cast, Richardson mentioned that they wanted to reach out to the people that generally wouldn't read comics, and the number of fans of this vampire series is immense. I think they definitely picked the right young adult series to welcome into the Dark Horse family.

The third and final announcement I hoped has something to do with Gerard Way, frontman of the rock band My Chemical Romance and writer of the popular Dark Horse series "The Umbrella Academy" I was hoping they would either finally announce the movie, or the new "True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" comics. Although it still had something to do with a rockstar, I was thinking of the wrong one. Tom Morello, member of rock band Rage Against the Machine, has joined the Dark Horse list of employees and will be writing "Orchid", the story of a 16 year old prostitute in a near future where the oceans have risen to a dangerous level and not all is what it seems.

Personally, although this was not exactly what I expected to hear tonight, I am very excited for all three of these projects. All horror fans should be. There will be a panel tomorrow at noon which will feature all three special guests and I'm assuming, sneak peeks at the stories and artwork from all three of these new projects.

Dark Horse continues to prove why it remains to be the publisher of all my favorite comic books.

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