Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comic-Con: How one might survive NOT going

Alas, it was not meant to be this year.

I will not be attending the San Diego Comic-Con this year. But, keep checking back as Candace and Stephanie will be covering the show for Inscaped. And I'll hold the fort down and do some grunt work for them from home base.

Missing the show is going to free up a lot of time this week for me. Whatever shall a nerd do without an in-person Comic-Con fix?

Funny you should ask.

Here are my plans on dealing with staying in Riverside this week and maybe, just maybe give me the feeling of being in San Diego:

1. I'll rent "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights." Then I'll realize it stars Nathan Fillion and remember I'll be missing the "Castle" panel and cry myself to sleep.

2. Band together with a lost group of non-going Comic-Con survivors. I'll promptly tell them "If we can't live together, we'll die alone."

3. Wear extremely nerdy T-shirts under my work clothes.

4. Start planning my Tim-Con 2012. It will be a lot like Pacey-Con, but 78 percent less meta.

5. Find another lonely geek to see "Captain America" with. I just don't want to be alone...

6. Get to work five hours early and sit outside bored out of my mind.

7. Wear a costume to the "Captain America" screening, but totally forget to put on deodorant.

8. Walk around with my Warner Bros. bag from last year. When people ask me where I got it from I'll just say "This? They gave one to everyone!"

9. Go to a restaurant across the street and ask them to charge me double.

10. First thing tomorrow, check the Graphitti Designs website, but say it's way too busy and I'll come back later. Then keep checking back throughout the week. Finally Sunday, I'll buy a "Green Lantern" shirt.

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