Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic-Con: 'The Avengers' assembled

Something cool happened at Comic-Con.

Originally it was thought that we wouldn't see anything "Avengers" related at the show.

Then Marvel decided to release some kick-ass hand drawn movie posters.

While the Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Captain America ones are pretty nifty we've basically seen the characters already.

Oh, but Marvel had a few tricks up its sleeves.

Here is the first, full look at Hawkeye played by Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner:

We also got a first look at Agent Maria Hill played by "How I Met Your Mother" star Colby Smulders.

Looks absolutely perfect in my opinion. Nice casting there.

And finally, we've all seen what the Hulk has looked like in the previous films. I was hoping for something different and more in line with the comics.

Someone answered my prayers:

During and right after seeing "The Avengers" footage at the end of "Captain America" I was literally shaking. I was having a nerd-attack.

I cannot wait to see this movie.

This is a midnight screening for sure!

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