Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why 'Green Lantern' scares me

I don't need to explain my love of the "Green Lantern" comic universe, I think I talk about it enough.

But, there is something (somethings) that sit on my shoulder and are a constant reminder that this movie could be headed toward disaster.

Casting - I love most of the casting choices. I wasn't 100 percent on board with Ryan Reynolds, mostly because I thought Bradley Cooper would have been a better choice. Well, Reynolds is better than other finalist Justin Timberlake. It's Blake Lively who scares me. Then I saw "The Town" and she was fantastic. Then I saw that first trailer... oh boy. She has literally one line in the trailer and it's "Michael Scott" cringe worthy. Then you look at the other woman she supposedly beat out for the role: Jennifer Garner, Keri Russell, Diane Kruger and Eva Green. I would have been happy with any of those choices.

The costume - Before Comic-Con they showed off pictures of the all CG suit and the reaction was a mix of horror and disbelief. Not just that it's different from the comics, but it was just ugly period. Bad CG. Then at Comic-Con the filmmakers said it was a work in progress and we should be happy with the end result. The last trailer released hasn't improved it much, especially the very fake, bad CG mask.

That first trailer - At Comic-Con we were treated to a hastily put together teaser trailer and it was awesome. I was almost shaking because it was so good. So months later they release the first trailer and it's nothing like the Comic-Con footage and shows off horrible CGI and Lively's "acting."

Bad marketing - Some genius came up with the marketing campaign of "Anyone can be chosen!" Not only is this stupid, but it contradicts the entire movie! Hal Jordan wasn't lucky to be chosen like someone winning the superhero lottery. He was the most worthy human, period. Even later trailers bring up that Jordan was specifically chosen. Talk about confusing people.

Bad CGI - Have you seen the trailers? The mask looks fake, Parallax looks ridiculous. I am really afraid the bad effects are going to sink this movie. A movie that needs top notch effects. Warner even recently added $9 million to the special effects budget. While that does make me happier that they're trying, it also scares me because they know at the last second that something is wrong.

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