Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weirdest Green Lanterns

With thousands of members, the Green Lantern Corps is a giant hodgepodge of different alien species.

There have been a small handful like Kilowog, Arisia, Salaak and Ch'p that get a bit of the spotlight and are somewhat known to fans of the comics.

But, what about those weird lantern members? I'm not talking funny looking aliens. I mean downright weird.

Bzzd - A small, wasp-like lantern. He was partnered with Mogo, the living planet. Funny to think that a Green Lantern ring is bigger than Bzzd. "Green Lantern" director Martin Campbell, at Comic-Con, said that Bzzd was his favorite lantern. Could that mean a movie cameo?

Dkrtzy RRR - This one is actually just a mathematical equation. Yes, a living math problem.

Flodo Span - He's basically a cloud of gas who holds himself together with the lantern ring.

Leezle Pon - This one takes the cake. He is a living smallpox virus. Seriously. He saves Guy Gardner's life during "The Sinestro Corps War."

Daffy Duck - Yes, that Daffy Duck. In an episode of "Duck Dodgers," Daffy accidentally picks up Hal Jordan's dry cleaning and turns into a Green Lantern. Here's the oath as told by Daffy: "In blackest day or brightest night, watermelon, cantaloupe, yadda-e-yadda, erm...superstitious and cowardly lot, with liberty and justice for all!"

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