Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tim's DC 'reboot' thoughts pt. 1

We ran out of time during the last episode of the show while talking about this giant changes DC Comics has in store.

There are a number of points I wanted to cover, so we'll do a multi-part series.

One of the biggest points, other than creative stuff, is the fact that DC Comics will be selling the comics online the same day they hit comic stores.

This is a HUGE piece of news that many sites have yet to fully cover.

First, this is a big leap forward for iPad and tablet users. Don't believe me? Read a comic on an iPad and come back to talk to me. It's great. Plus it helps the environment by not using bags and boards with each comic.

For me it's a giant convenience for me. I can't imagine how awesome it is for someone that doesn't have a comic shop near them.

I do, it's only two miles away. But, I don't really like going there. First, it's cash only. Then they started this new practice of rounding your purchase up or down based on the total. My last purchase was $19.51, so I had to pay $20. That, plus it's not a nice friendly atmosphere.

Usually I wait a few weeks and go to get my books. Using this new system I can get them the day they come out. This will help my undying need to search for spoilers on the Internet.

I do get the argument that this is yet another nail in the coffin of the classic comic shop. I hope it is for the comic shops that deserve to be closed. The ones that are unfriendly, unwelcoming and don't participate in Free Comic Book Day.

I think great comic stores will survive. Comic readers are a loyal bunch.

That plus DC Comics is offering a package deal where you can buy the physical comic along with an online version. It's sort of like how some Blu-ray movies come with a digital copy.

DC Comics is on to something here. They are in the business of making money, not supporting other people making money. And they know that this process will make them more money. I am more likely to buy a lot more comics this way. Especially considering that eventually the online versions will be cheaper to buy.

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