Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Live from 'Monday Night Raw' in Vegas

In a nice coincendence "Monday Night Raw" was in Las Vegas the same week as me, so I decided to go. It was Raw roulette night which meant all of the matches and stipulations would be determined by huge roulette wheel.

Here are some of the highlights that weren't on TV.

  • CM Punk sang terribly during the commercial break, adding to the heat he already getting from the crowd.

  • Shawn Michaels got a huge reaction from the crowd. I personally geeked out so much the guy in front of me gave me a look.

  • Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix had a "WWE Superstars" match that was light years better than the televised Kelly vs. Nikka Bella title contest.

  • Zack Ryder is a better wrestler in person than he is on TV.

  • There were literally a gazillion John Cena t-shirts. I hope he gets a cut.

  • For no apparent reason, a big deal was made of the steel cage lowering.

  • The crowd was noticeably less interested in the second show than the first.

  • The second "Raw" only took about 45 minutes, which tells you how many commercials and extras they add.

  • Spoiler Alert: Next week's "Raw" will be kind of lame.

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