Saturday, June 11, 2011

'Doctor Who' cliffhanger leaves fans in shock

When Steven Moffat announced that he would split the season in two parts and the cliffhanger would be good, he wasn't lying. The season six, mid-season finale was "Doctor Who" at its best. It answered questions while asking so many more. Warning, in the words of River Song, "spoilers."

"A Good Man Goes to War" starts with Rory back in his Last Centurion gear, going all Liam Neeson in "Taken" on a Cyberman fleet. From there it becomes clear that an Army is being raised against The Doctor. At the same time The Doctor is gathering his allies to help he and Rory find Amy.

This sequence is fun as it features a lot of fun callbacks from seasons five and six. The Doctor's army includes the space pirates, an army of Silurians, a disgraced Sontaran and WWII spitfires.

I love the idea that The Doctor's exploits have been told as war stories across the galaxy. It goes back to the season four finale where The Doctor realizes the true consequences of some of his adventures.

The Doctor has always been a man who doesn't look back, because he's afraid of seeing all the lives lost or ruined because of him.

When The Doctor's team finally confronts Amy's kidnappers and takes down the Army without spilling a single drop of blood, it's one of his greatest moments.

This episode also provides some nice scenes for Rory. He's always a bit of an outsider to Amy and The Doctor, but here he takes center stage and becomes a hero again.

I loved that he wore his Roman gear the whole time and didn't hesitate to fight to the death to protect his wife and child. Rory is an example of what it really means to travel with The Doctor. Though it's dangerous and life threatening, the experience always brings out the best in his companions.

I know other fans may feel differently, but I like Rory better than Amy and think he and The Doctor have a stronger rapport. I kind of enjoyed the TARDIS more when Amy was kidnapped.

Unfortunately for everyone this was a very clever trap set by the people who kidnapped Amy. It turns they wanted Amy and Rory's baby Melody, who has Timelord DNA. It seems Amy and Rory's wedding night was a little more special than anyone thought and the time vortex got involved.

After a vicious battle with the headless monks, it was revealed that Melody was yet another flesh clone, and the real Melody was still missing. This was a heartbreaking moment, as River's prediction that "The Doctor would fall lower than ever before" came true.

However, this was also the moment die hard fans had been waiting for, because River Song's identity was finally revealed. River is another word for Pond and she is really Amy and Rory's daughter all grown up. This sheds a hilarious new light on River and The Doctor's relationship. Imagine the scene where The Doctor has to ask Rory if he can take out his daughter.

Knowing this, everyone should go back and watch the scene between River and Rory where he asks for her help. Since River is a time traveler, she meets people in the wrong order. In that scene she looked at Rory as if she hadn't seen him in a long time and was going to cry.

River has become one of my favorite characters of Moffat's "Doctor Who" and now we know that she gets her badass superhero fighting skills from her parents. That was a really nice reveal.

Wow, that episode was full of story advancement and character development and yet it was still full of "Doctor Who" treasures. I don't know how I'm going to make it to late summer, to see how this all plays out.

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