Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DC reboot: The new Batman universe

Like Tim I am both skeptical and curious about DC's massive reboot of all its titles. I agree that it will make comics buying easier for fans who don't have a store near them or must put up with an unwelcoming atmosphere. However, I think there are enough old school fans who still like reading hard copy comics that good shops will still thrive.

As fans and retailers still react to the news, the company is beginning to reveal information about its plans. They started with one of DC's biggest names when several announcements about new Batman titles were made June 6.

  • "Batman #1" and "Detective Comics #1" will feature Bruce Wayne protecting Gotham City as the only Batman. As Tim and I discussed on the show, it seems crazy that DC would reboot "Detective Comics" when it's so close to 900.

  • In "Batman and Robin #1," Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason will have Bruce Wayne working with his son Damian, bringing a new definition to dysfunctional family. It's no secret I'm not a fan of Damian Wayne, but I'm interested to see how they write the father-son dynamic.

  • "Batman: The Dark Knight" has the character in Arkham Asylum, no doubt fighting crazy criminals, as well as his own demons. I understand that past demons sort of define Batman, however, haven't we learned everything there is to learn about his demons at this point.

  • "Birds of Prey #1" and "Batwoman #1" will focus on Gotham City's female heroes, which is cool since women are somewhat disposable in the most crime infested town in all of comics.

  • "Batgirl #1" is the title I'm most excited about since it marks Barbara Gordon's return as Batgirl and features the writing of one of my favorites, Gail Simone. Not to go all fangirl, but this announcement made me geek out.

  • "Catwoman #1" has me excited as well, since I've always loved Catwoman and think she's not bad just misunderstood. This is written by another of my favorites, Judd Winick.

  • Dick Grayson returns to his circus roots in "Nightwing #1." I enjoyed Dick as Batman and wonder how this story will tie in with "Batman Inc." when that book returns.

  • "Red Hood and the Outlaws #1" has Jason Todd leading a group of vigilantes tht includes Arsenal and Starfire. Jason Todd is such a fascinating character, because he became far more powerful and interesting in death than he ever was as Robin.

  • "Batwing #1," also written by Winick, makes history, as it features the first ever black Batman. Batwing is the Batman of Africa as part of Bruce Wayne's Batman Inc. I can't lie, I really want to see how this character differs from others who've worn the infamous suit.
These announcements have me wondering what's in store for some of DC's other heroes and who will be writing those stories. Though I'm still skeptical, I'm little more confident in the company's plans.

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