Thursday, June 23, 2011

'Burn Notice' starts a new chapter

Michael, Sam and Fiona were back in action on the season 5 premiere of "Burn Notice." When we last saw the real Miami big three, Michael had finally found a way back into the CIA and was set to get his life back.

Unfortunately, Michael is finding out that his old life is not necessarily the life he wants. The action started with Michael and his handler Max (Grant Show) in Canada taking down one of the last pieces of the network that burned him.

Max and Michael seemed to work well together and it'll be interesting to see how he fits in with the team.

Next stop was a ridiculously hot reunion between Michael and Fiona. They have the most interesting relationship on TV, in that they love and accept each other as they are. They also have no problem telling one another the truth, which makes their romance unique.

In the most interesting scene of the episode, Michael sees Sam and Jesse and finds out that Jesse quit government work because he was changed by his time with the team. This completely foreshadows what Michael will be going through as he figures out where he stands.

Right now Michael is man torn between two worlds. This became abundantly clear when he brought Sam and Fi on a mission to Colombia. Max didn't like this, so he gave them the worst jobs and showed them no respect. Of course when everything goes wrong, he needs their help.

After watching him spend four years reconnecting with friends and family, and finding a new purpose for his skills, the return to cold CIA Michael felt wrong. The way he kept Sam and Fi on the outside looking in was uncalled for.

However, when he was cruelly denied the justice he's been searching for, it was heart-breaking to see how unfulfilled that left him. Michael needs to take a good old fashioned case to get things back to normal.

All in all it was a nice start to the fifth season, but I want to see more Miami Michael and less CIA Michael.

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