Friday, May 13, 2011

'Vampire Diaries': Season 3 bound!

Season 2 of "The Vampire Diaries" wrapped up last night in a dare I say, Winchester-ish way.

As Damon starts to succumb to the delusions and sickness given to him by the werewolf bite he got from Tyler last week, Stefan and Bonnie desperately search for a way to save him. She calls on the spirits of the all the dead witches that she took power from and asked for help. All she was given was one word: Klaus.

Stefan goes searching for Klaus while Alaric watches over Damon. But of course, Sheriff Forbes picks the worst time to finally make a decision and goes after the Salvatores, releasing Damon from his prison. He walks into the crowded Mystic Falls square and starts falling back into flashbacks from 1864. Jeremy finds a wandering Damon after Alaric calls him for help, and takes him into Mystic Grill, followed closely by the Sheriff. Stupidly, she shoots, but Damon uses his vamp speed and the bullet meant for him, kills Jeremy instead.

Elena goes searching for Damon. Thinking she is Katherine, he bites her, then falls to his knees in regret. She takes him back to the boardinghouse waiting for a cure. Stefan finds Klaus and Elijah still at Alaric's. Although Klaus vowed to reunite his brother with their family, it wasn't in the way Elijah expected. Klaus stabs him with the knife, essentially killing him for a second time. And finally, we find out the cure to a werewolf bite is no other than the blood of the first. Klaus. But remarkably, he offers the cure to Stefan to save his brother... for a price.

Klaus wants Stefan to become his progeny. To reawaken the 'ripper' that he used to be. Of course, Stefan agrees. But Klaus refuses to give him the blood until Stefan downs SEVERAL bags of human blood. After doing so, he gives the bottle of blood to Katherine to take to Damon.

Now, after last week's episode, Stephanie and I agreed what we wanting to see Stefan and Damon go full on Winchester. We wanted them to have a Dean and Sam worthy brother scene where they talk about Damon dying and talk about their feelings. Any "Supernatural" fans will know exactly what I'm talking about. At the end of Season 2, Dean sold his soul to Hell to save his little brother's life. Although Stefan may be the little brother of this duo, he just gave up everything to Klaus to save his big brother. Yes, that's right. Stefan Salvatore pulled a full on Dean Winchester.

Meanwhile, Elena and Damon have a finale chat, and Damon confesses his love for her. Now, honestly I don't understand why they made it such an important story point that Damon erased her memory last time he said it, if he was just going to tell her again in this episode. But he does, and Elena kisses him. We all know that I am not a Delena shipper, but this kiss didn't bother me. They both thought he was dying, so why not? Now, I know all the Delena shippers will not see it that way, but there is nothing I can do about their crazy delusions. They all might as well have werewolf bites themselves for all the ridiculous notions they claim happens in this series.

Klaus has Elijah's body shipped in a coffin before he and Stefan leave together...for who knows where.

Bonnie, with the help of the dead witches, saves Jeremy. But they warn her that there is a price for their help. The cliffhanger was definitely not anything that I expected Jeremy walking downstairs with Vicki following him, and Anna meeting him in the living room. I know most people are talking about how Jeremy can now see dead people, which makes sense. He has crossed over, and coming back has left a kind of mark on him. But I don't think it's that simple. It just so happens that the first people he sees are Anna and Vicki? Both passed girlfriends and both dead vampires? That can't be a coincidence. It's more than just he can see dead people, and I am looking forward to seeing what happens to him in season 3. Because FINALLY, Jeremy has a storyline. It's about time.

We have already been told that Season 3 is going to be the 'season of the originals'. I expect that Stefan will get more information out of Klaus now agreeing to become his progeny than anyone else ever would. I am looking forward to his storyline, if they do it right. It can easily get out of hand, but I think Paul Wesley will be able to handle it. Obviously, Damon and Elena will feel compelled to search for him, but the question is if they actually will go look for him.

I enjoyed the episode, and it was a pretty good one. However, looking back at this season, I'm not too impressed. Overall, season 1 is still better. I think season 2 lost focus on what the story is really about. Two vampire brothers. That's why I started watching the show, and I have been very frustrated all season that it veered away from the story between Damon and Stefan, and I am hoping that we finally get back to it in the next season. It looks like the story is going back in that direction because of how packed the last two episodes have been simply about brothers. And not just Damon and Stefan, but Elijah and Klaus as well.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to see where the story goes in the next season.

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Katrina said...

LMAO at your delena comment. so glad jeremy has a storyline now. i wish season 3 was the season of the witches instead of season of the originals though.