Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Upfront highlights

It's that time of year again, when the networks gather together their last remaining advertisers and hock their new schedules. Since every show isn't winner, I'll be discussing the shows I'm most interested in seeing and the ones that fit our Inscaped criteria. And just for fun I'll pick on a couple of awesomely bad looking shows.s


"Awake" is a high concept drama about a detective living in two worlds. Jason Issacs is Michael Britten, who wakes up after a car accident and is told that his son is alive but his wife is dead, He then proceeds to wake up n anothr world where his wife survived but his son died. He lives each life not knowing which one is real, in order to keep his family alive. Co-stars: B.D. Wong, Cherry Jones, Laura Allen
What I'm liking: Issacs is always interesting and Jones can make the phone book compelling. A unique concept is a rarity.
Why I'm nervous: It's a midseason show, so I'll have to wait awhile. NBC maynot give it time to catch on.

"Grimm" is a fantasy drama about a cop who find out fairy tales are real and he is a hunter known as a Grimm, and is supposed to help keep humans safe from otherworldly creatures.
What I'm liking: The nerd in me can't resist the supernatural, fairy tale angle.
Why I'm nervous: I felt the same way about "The Cape."

"Smash" is a musical about the mounting of a Broadway musical. It stars Debra Messing, Katherine McPhee and Megan Hilty.
What I'm liking: I love Broadway the way I love superheroes, so I'm really excited about this one.
Why I'm nervous: I'm not sure the schedule can handle two quirky musicals.


"The X Factor" is the best of all the singing competition shows. The British original is one of the highlights of my winter schedule. I've literally been waiting years for it to come stateside.
What I'm liking: Simon returns, thank god and America gets to meet the charming Cheryl Cole.
Why I'm nervous: Paula also returns, meaning Joel Mchale will have plenty of new material.
"Alcatraz" is J.J. Abrams' latest mind-bending time altering drama. It stars Jorge Garcia, Sam Neill and Parminder Nagra as a team investigating mysterious time analomies surrounding the famed prison.
What I'm liking: As a nerd I am internally programmed to love everything Abrams does. The good news is, he backs it up.
Why I'm nervous: FOX doesn't have the best track record with high concept sci-fi.


"Suburgatory" is comedy about a single dad who packs up his 16 year old daughter and moves to the suburbs after he finds a box of condoms on her dresser. Jeremy Sisto plays George and it co-stars Cheryl Hines.
What I'm liking: I'm excited to see Sisto doing comedy and this will fit in nicely with "Modern Family."
Why I'm nervous: Without the right writing, this show can become a cliche.

"Scandals" is a Shonda Rhimes drama about a media relations expert who left the president's staff to run her own firm helping high powered and high profile types with sticky situations. It stars Kerry Washington, Henry Ian Cusick and Tony Goldwyn.
What I'm liking: A stellar cast with a good premise, it could tell some interesting stories and the format could make for cool guest stars.
Why I'm nervous: It's Shonda Rhimes so they could all end up making out in a broom closet.

I'm aware that I left off some high profile, buzzed about shows, but these are the shows that I'll be watching. "Charlie's Angels" and "Terra Nova" don't seem that exciting to me.

I'm also aware that any show can look good in a two minute clip, so come back and read up as we continue the new fall schedule.

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