Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Smallville' goes out in style

For fans of "Smallville" it hasn't always been easy. Seasons six and seven weren't the best creatively or quality wise. However, season 10 has been firing on all cylinders, so the expectations for the series finale were very high.

The year has been focused on Clark Kent's journey to becoming Superman, so this episode needed to feature the final steps in that journey.

What fans actually got was a love letter to their loyalty and to the best the show had to offer. It hit all the right notes and had some of the best, most geektastic moments ever seen on TV.

The show started with Lois still suffering cold feet and Clark and Chloe convincing her that Clark needed her to become the man he was meant to be. This was achieved when Chloe gave Lois Clark's vows and I began the first of many crying jags of the night.

After a few doubts of his own, Clark headed back to his and Lois' apartment where she told him the wedding was back on and gave him her vows to read, which sparked more tears. Candace noted that whoever wrote the vows deserved props and I must agree as they perfectly captured the essence of Lois and Clark's relationship.

Meanwhile Chloe and Oliver also got a nice moment when they discussed transitioning to a married couple and conceded that their relationship would never be like everyone else's. I know that Black Canary is Green Arrow's true love in the comics, but in the "Smallville" universe Chloe and Oliver belong together.

The first hour concluded with Oliver succumbing to the darkness possessing him and Clark saving his friend by reminding him of the hero he still had inside. However, this small victory was undercut by the appearance of Apokolips in the skies and the possible destruction of Earth.

The subplot of Lionel's quest to bring back Lex involved him kidnapping Tess in order to use her heart in Lex's Frankenstein resurrection. This gave Tess one last chance to show off those kickass Checkmate skills, as she dispatched an entire room of Lionel's guards while cutting herself free from a gurney. She then shot her father and left him for dead.

Unfortunately, Lionel had time left to literally make a deal with the devil and offer his soul to Dakseid's for Lex's.

The return of Lex Luthor led to a fantastic scene where he discusses his future with Clark. He lets him know that a man is defined by his greatest enemies and that their story hadn't been written yet. This led to a nerd overload for Candace and I.

Then finally the big moment came when Clark faced down Darkseid in Lionel's body. It was during this fight that the amazing happened. Amid a montage of past clips, Clark realized who he was meant to be and flew.

That's right, he flew and I freaked out. This is where I would include some of the texts Candace and I sent each other during the show, but they mostly consisted of "OMG and I'M DYING," no one needs to read those, they're quite embarassing.

Seriously, words can't do this scene justice, as it featured some of the best scenes of the series and helped strengthen the character's destiny.

After Darkseid's ridiculously quick defeat, Clark headed to the Fortress to reconcile with Jor-El and receive the suit that will become his trademark. Throughout the episode Clark was being counseled by the vision of Jonathan Kent. It was here that his two fathers came together to show the pride they had in the man he would become and I once again cried like a fool.

So Clark, in the suit, jets off to save Air Force One (and Lois) and then deals with that fiery planet situation. the show then jumped seven years into the future with Chloe reading her arrow loving son a bedtime story and Clark and Lois finally about to tie the knot.

I should note that we never actually saw Tom Welling in the Superman suit. All the shots featured him in close up with the cape blowing in the background or were from very far away. I can only think that this has something to do with the upcoming movie. This was the only disappointment of the episode, because after 10 years we deserved to see our hero in the suit.

The show ended with Clark racing off to save the day, peeling back his shirt to reveal a familiar S on his chest as John Williams glorious score played in the background. Williams score was repeatedly used to great effect during the show, hinting at the future we all knew was coming.

I proceeded to pass out from a nerd blackout, amazed at how the show had exceeded my expectations and gave fans one of the best series finales ever.

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