Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Season two of 'Glee' comes to a merciful end

To say this season has been uneven would be an understatement. It's actually been more like a roller coaster. There were some really great classic episodes like "Grilled Cheesus," "Special Education" and "Original Song." However, there have also been epic fails like the post Super Bowl disaster.

Even the ratings reflect the downward spiral of the show, as the season began with 11-13 million viewers, but ended with 8-9 million viewers.

Following last week's beautiful "Funeral," the season finale was a chance to end the season on a high note. All things considered, the show was above average, but not an instant classic.

"New York" as the title suggests was all about the kids trip to the Big Apple for nationals. The episode opened with Rachel standing in the middle of Times Square lamenting that she had finally made it. The wonder of the group at being in the big city was well played and provided some nice moments.

The first number was a mash up of "I Love New York" and "New York New York" from "On the Town" and featured the glee club dancing around the city like they were trapped in a classic MGM musical. It was a fun number that felt more realistic than the usual "Glee" let's sing a song about our feelings moment.

The subplot was all about Will's Broadway debut in "CrossRhoades: The April Rhoades Story." This whole storyline fell flat and was really only an exaggerated reason for Matthew Morrison to sing a song from his abysmally selling CD.

Morrison performed "Still Got Tonight" which was OK, but sort of forgettable. The scene would have been more powerful if he sang a song that suited the moment.

Later, in my favorite moment Kurt and Rachel had breakfast at Tiffany's and talked about how they were moving to New York with Blaine after high school. If the characters really leave next year, this would make a great spinoff.

Anyway back to Kurt and Rachel, they followed up breakfast by sneaking onto the "Wicked" stage and brought me to tears with "For Good." I have to admit I love "Wicked" and am completely biased in favor of it, but this was a great number and saved the so far mediocre episode.

After another round of Rachel/Finn drama the time came for New Directions performance at nationals and in true "Rocky" fashion they didn't make it out of the first round and finished in 12th place. This result was not surprising and sets up the "Rocky II" comeback next year.

About Rachel and Finn, who ended up back together by the end of the episode, stop it. I don't care anymore and Finn has become such a d-bag that Rachel deserves better. I was so excited when she said her true love was Broadway, only to change gears after he kissed her onstage and ruined the group's chances of moving on.

After all the melodrama of this season, I really hope "Glee" gets its act together for season three and gets back to being the fun-loving show that I fell in love with two years ago.

The best of the rest:

  • Love, love, love that Sam and Mercedes are secretly dating. They may be the only normal couple in New Directions.

  • Brittany wants to be a bridesmaid at Tina and Mike's wedding and can't wait to see if they have an Asian baby.

  • Again Cheyenne Jackson guest stars and doesn't sing. Really?

  • Santana's post nationals, Spanish, Lima Heights rant was genius.

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