Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Chemical Romance still puts on the best rock concert ever

Really though. They do.

FINALLY, after buying these tickets on pre-sale for being a member of MCRmy 6 months ago, the My Chemical Romance concert was in LA last night!

They have been my favorite band for years, since the first time I heard Helena, which helped me through the grieving process after losing a good friend of mine to cancer. I have been to their shows before, but NOTHING was as epic as this!

Their new album "Danger Days" is about being nothing but what you are and fighting against conformity. So they have thrown out the script and now every single show they do is different from all the others. No more script. Just rockin' the @#$% out! Gerard put it on stage last night.

Nothing will ever beat the love I have for this band. I fight for them tooth and nail whenever I need to, because that's how important and life saving their music is to me.

Anyway... as always, a fantastic concert. These boys truly know how to outdo themselves. Time and time again. Gerard left the stage after "Bulletproof Heart", the final song of the encore, bidding us all good night with "Whatever you do, don't stop running!"

Oh, and this was the first time EVER I have been crowd surfing. WHAT A BLAST!

Here's a few videos from last night:

"Na Na Na" and "Give 'Em Hell, Kid"



This is one of my favorite songs to see them perform live. It gets CRAZY!

"House of Wolves"

Talk about a crazy mosh pit. LOVE this song live as well.

"Welcome to the Black Parade"

This song is best live, because EVERYONE sings along. EPIC.

"Bulletproof Heart"

This song live... there are no words. TOO EPIC.


Always and forever, my favorite song in this world. I always tear up when I see them perform it live.

"Vampires Will Never Hurt You"

A HUGE SURPRISE. A song from their first album, I have NEVER seen them perform this song live, and the crowd with CRAZY.

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