Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's prom time for New Directions

Last night's episode revolved around the most treasured of high school experiences: prom.

Everyone was excited except Mercedes who didn't have a date and in a scene that truly broke my heart, confessed that she just wanted one night to feel like a princess. It was nice of the writers to show that underneath all her strong talk, Mercedes is just as vulnerable as the rest of the group.

She and Rachel decided to have a three way budget date with Sam that was so adorable. By the way, those were some kickass gowns they got from the $5 thrift store bargain bin.

Kurt asked Blaine, who had some bad memories of being gay bashed at his previous school, but decided to face his demons and go. Also, am I the only one who heard Kurt call him Blaine Warbler? Surely, he must have a last name and Kurt knows it? Is this just a cute term of endearment or did they really name the glee club after him?

The prom queen obsessed Quinn looked beautiful, but it was clear Finn wasn't that interested until she made her staircase entrance in the most perfect light imaginable. If prom queen were being awarded just for looks, Quinn was a lock. Of course, there's more to that story coming up.

So Finn, with the most gorgeous girl in school on his arm, spent the rest of the night overly concerned with Rachel and her ridiculous date Jesse St. James. If I were Quinn I would have dumped him on the spot.

Finn has really turned into a giant d-bag this season.

Speaking of Jesse St. James, his reappearance served no purpose except for a crazy good version of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." It's no secret that Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff are best friends. That connection and chemistry makes any duet they sing and instant classic and this acoustic, gospel tinged performance was no different.

Since New Directions was asked to play the prom, Will staggered the numbers so the kids could enjoy themselves. This gave everyone a chance to shine and was a welcome change from the way the songs are usually performed.

Puck, Artie and Sam started with a surprisingly OK rendition of the stuck-in-my-head-like-a-disease "Friday." I must say Sam and Mercedes were kind of cute, but he's too silly for her.

Then Rachel brought things down with a stellar take on Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts." Though this song fit Finn and Rachel's relationship, it's way too sad for a prom, it would bring the dance to a halt.

Luckily Blaine was there with Brittany and Tina to bring things back up with Black Kids "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You." This was the best number of the dance by far and showed how great Blaine would be with New Directions. How long before he transfers to McKinley?

Meanwhile, Finn has continued his turn to the dark side and attacks Jesse for making Rachel feel good for two seconds and have fun without him.

Finally, the big moment the show has been leading up to for weeks, the prom queen results. First, closeted gay bully Karofsky was crowned prom king and then Kurt was named prom queen. This humiliation was made more emotional by the fact that Kurt had been feeling good about going to the prom and not being an outsider. He thought people were over him and no longer cared.

There was also the impact of the scene earlier in the show when Karofsky finally broke down and apologized for his treatment of Kurt. It was the first time the true extent of Karosky's inner pain was shown.

Once Kurt pulled himself together, he went back in and accepting his crown with class and style, showing he would not bow to humiliation and hate. It was a great moment that illustrates "Glee" at its best.

More highlights:

  • Sue's list of banned songs that mirrored fans least favorite numbers.

  • Brittany dancing with everyone else's dates.

  • The continued love of Breadsticks.

  • Apparently being in glee club helps you figure out cummerbunds. As a high school band nerd, I endorse this fact.

  • The prom was in the gym, very traditional and cool.
Coming up is the trip to nationals and Jesse becomes the club's consultant.

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