Monday, May 30, 2011

'Game of Thrones:' Lannister's win, everyone loses

Candace and I have talked several times about how Ned Stark is too honorable for his own good. This week's episode cemented that thought.

Ned has finally said aloud what we've all known for weeks, Joffrey is not Robert's son, but Jamie's. He confronts Cersei with the news and tells her to run away with her children. Stupid man, does Cersei Lannister seem like the type to run away from anything. Her plans are likely already in motion.

Unfortunately for everyone, Robert is injured in a hunting accident and is dying. The scene where everyone gathered around him provided a moment of humanity and compassion in a show so full of backstabbing and doublecrosses. Joffrey looked genuinely sad.

The circumstances gave Ned several chances to get his stuff together and take over the kingdom, but he was too upstanding for such treachery. First Robert's youngest brother Renly tells Ned he would have 100 soldiers ready in an hour if Ned supports him as king. Not a great idea, but better than nothing. Second, Littlefinger tells him to make peace with the Lannisters and bide his time, but again Ned won't go for plotting.

It was like watching the one "Survivor" contestant who insists on playing the game clean get voted out the first week, because you can't win "Game of Thrones" without a few dirty tricks.

Speaking of dirty tricks, Littlefinger trapped Ned with his own overwhelming honor. Reluctantly Ned had to count on Littlefinger to back him with the City's Watch until Stannis, Robert's brother, could show up. Littlefinger told Ned he couldn't trust him, but he says that all the time so it's cool, right?


The final scene in the throne room where Ned has walked into trap his men are killed and then Littlefinger puts a knife to his throat and says "I told you, you couldn't trust me" was spectacular. Cersei tore up Robert's last request and calmly took control, as she was no doubt planning for years.

Meanwhile on other side of the world, Dany tried convincing her husband that he should care about the Iron throne, but he only needs to sit on a horse to rule. Whew, the Seven Kingdoms just dodged a bullet, because if Khal Drogo ever decides to cross the Narrow Sea, it will be unimaginable, but luckily he doesn't care...wait a minute, they did what?

That's right. Robert's ill-advised assassination attempt of Dany had Drogo so worked up he vowed to destroy the Seven Kingdoms and give his son the "Iron chair." Jason Momoa was on fire in this scene. His passion and command had Dany breathless and made her fall more in love with her husband. Really, who doesn't want a man who will swear to kill and enslave in your name?

Next week's episode will be a heart-breaking game changer. This signals the point in the story where everything changes leading up to the first season finale.

Everyone else:

  • I'm starting to not care about Jon and the Night's Watch, though they're doing a great job of ramping up the suspense about what's coming over the wall.

  • Someone needs to slap the crap out of Theon Greyjoy, unfortunately I'll have to wait until season two for that.

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