Monday, May 16, 2011

'Castle' takes over comics

Yes, "Castle" rocked the house at Comic-Con last year.

This is something totally new and different.

And look who's name is right there on the left hand side (bottom).

Brian Michael Bendis or Marvel's top writer!

Fans of "Castle" know that Derrick Storm was Richard Castle's main character in many books before he "created" Nikki Heat. Fans will also remember that Storm was killed off in the last book "Storm Fall."

Keen eyed viewers, such as myself, can say that this new story "Deadly Storm" is not one of the books that Castle originally wrote.

The book will be released in September (after Comic-Con!). I wonder what graphic novel will be making an appearance at the big show this year?

"I am honored and humbled to see Derrick Storm join the ranks of some of the greatest heroes of all-time," said Richard Castle, in a press release from Marvel and ABC. "Being a part of the Marvel family is a childhood fantasy come true for me."

"It's exciting to bring the Derrick Storm novels to life for the first time ever" said Axel Alonso, Marvel Entertainment Editor in Chief, said in the press release. "Whether you're new to the world of 'Castle' or a long time fan, there's something for everyone in 'Castle: Richard Castle's Deadly Storm'—and it's the kind of book that reaffirms Marvel's commitment to creating new fans of comic books."

I am SO excited right now. Especially considering that this is somehow supposed to tie into the season finale tonight.

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