Monday, May 9, 2011

Brief 'Thor' thoughts

Stephanie and I will have full reviews of "Thor" this week on the show, but I wanted to throw a point out there.

There are 46 "rotten" reviews on for "Thor" at the time of this post. Some of them range from "close, but not great" to "downright crappy."

Before I get too further into this point, it's important to point out there are also 164 positive reviews on the site.

Stephanie made a great point on the last show by saying this film is "critic proof," meaning people are going to see it no matter what any critics say.

I 100 percent agree with that statement, but it still annoys me when people full on have hate for this film.

The character of "Thor" in regards to Marvel comics is almost 50 years old. Crazy to think about the sheer amount of issues and comics has appeared in over the years.

This month, "Thor" went back to the original numbering of "Journey Into Mystery," which he first appeared in No. 83. That is 539 for those who hate math.

In that time, the character has amassed a ton of loyal readers and people who just love the character.

I was thinking about a time when I was 9-years-old playing with friends at a playground pretending to be The Avengers.

These readers and fans have always dreamt that a movie about their favorite characters would be made. Most times we never thought it would happen.

I mean, it took 50 years to bring Thor to the big screen? What was the holdup?

That didn't stop countless people from fan casting. You know when people pick a character and debate who should play them.

I think growing up we always thought Dolph Lundgren would play him.

So, it amazes me when people just can't believe when people love comic book movies.

We love them (well, most) because they were a big part of our lives and we grew up reading these characters.

These movies are our imagination brought to life.

That's why we love them.

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