Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Aquabats make music fun

It's well-know around here that Weezer used to be my favorite band. I loved, loved them throughout my teen years and most of my adult life so far.

There are many reasons I say "used to be." One of the main ones is that 99 percent of the good Weezer songs are a bit depressing.

Nowadays there is already enough going on in the world and my life that's depressing, so I want to listen to music that is fun.

Enter The Aquabats.

I've known of the band for quite some time. But, never heard any of their music.

Until Coachella.

I just happened upon their set and loved it.

They have a taste for the theatrical, which is refreshing. And band members also helped create the wild show "Yo Gabba Gabba."

So, I bought one of their CDs right at the festival.

Then this week I bought the band's newest CD "Hi-Five Soup!"

And I've been listening to it non-stop and smiling all the way through.

Their music is not meant to be taken seriously and I kind of like that. There is enough serious crap to deal with without having to put the same standards into music.

Here are some of the topics of songs in the CD: hugs, pink pants, popping a wheelie, big friends, fighting sharks and having a food fight on the moon.


Some of the standouts of the CD include the songs "My B.F.F.!," "Hey Homies!," "All My Money!"
and "Pink Pants!"

Notice the overuse of exclamation points! I kind of love that.

The sound is very ska-ish with a twinge of pop and funk.

Take a look at their performance of "My B.F.F.!" at Coachella and you get a sense of the addictive fun the band creates.

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