Friday, April 15, 2011

Will Ferrell debuts on 'The Office'

Last night Will Ferrell made his debut as the new boss on "The Office" and he fit right in with the quirky, ridiculousness that is Dunder-Mifflin.

As expected Michael had a problem with Deangelo Vickers' changes and handled it in the childish way one would expect.

Ferrell and Steve Carell worked great together, like two old friends who know each other so well they don't speak in fully formed sentences. The scene where they go back and forth about how Erin should answer the phone was so uncomfortably funny. The cold open felt like a hilarious improved skit between two pros.

Obviously, Ferrell will be a temporary boss, but he fits in so well with the team I hope they're able to bring him back after his initial run ends.

The subplot involved the rest of the crew trying to make a good impression on Deangelo. Jim and Pam talking about Cece non-stop, Kelly and her meet cute and Andy doing over the top physical comedy were all great ways to fold Deangelo into the eccentricities of the office.

Look for Tim and I to discuss this more on the next episode of "Inscaped."

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