Friday, April 15, 2011

'Vampire Diaries' 'The Last Dance' recap

Last night's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" displayed some of the show's strenghths so well even my mom was interested by the end.

In the run up to the season finale, the show's producers and stars have been teasing a major characters death. Well in "The Last Dance" that prediction came true with the sudden demise of town witch Bonnie.

She used all her power to kill Klaus and get him out of Alaric's body. The scene was heartbreaking with Bonnie locking herself in with Klaus, while Stefan and Elena watch from outside.

But, wait a minute, Bonnie's not dead because it was all just a clever ruse so Klaus would think Bonnie was dead and let down his guard. I must say the show played this very well, not giving away the secret unitl the end of the episode.

Although Candace and I suspected something was up, based on the mysterious conversation between Bonnie and Damon.

Speaking of which, Candace is a die hard Bonnie/Damon fan, so all their interaction made her a little excited. Kat Graham really got to show off some cool witch powers in this episode.

However, the real highlight was Matt Davis as Alaric posessed by Klaus pretending to be Alaric. He was very good at being evil and hilarious trying to teach. His line about The Beatles making the '60s bearable had me cracking up.

Actual hilarious texts between Candace and I during the show:

Stephanie: They have more dances, it's ridiculous.
Candace: I know. School dances, city events. There are more parties in Mystic Falls than the whole U.S.

Candace: Hey, we finally get to see Alaric's apartment.

Stephanie: It's not just the dances, it's the costumes. Where do they get them?
Candace: OMG, LOL. I know right, they happen to have clothes that go with every possible dance theme.

Next week Klaus' back story, can't wait.

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