Saturday, April 30, 2011

Steven Moffat keeps me up at night

Nobody creates scarier monsters than Steven Moffat and tonight's "Doctor Who" was no exception. His newest creatures are a cross between the Ood and the Gentlemen from "Buffy." However, the most unsettling thing about them is that as soon as you turn away from them, you forget them.

"Day of the Moon" was the second part of the two part season finale, which of course began with The Doctor's death. This week's episode began with The Doctor's companions, Amy, Rory and River being chased down by FBI agent Canton Everett Delaware III, an ally in the first episode.

The Doctor is held in an inescapable prison as his closest friends are shot down, but of course we discover it was all part of The Doctor's plan. Moffat is brilliant at telling unpredictable stories and this one had plenty of creepy twists and turns.

A particularly creepy scene involved Amy and Canton looking for clues at an abandoned children's hospital. With the Silence lurking around every corner and the weirdest caretaker ever, it was reminiscent of a classic thriller. I also want to thank Moffat for describing the Silence in such a disturbing manner that I will be up all night. But, it was worth it.

The Doctor figures out how to beat his foes relatively easy, it's the rest of the story that provided the scream out loud moments.

First of all, does the Silence's defeat negate The Doctor's death? I think it does since the mysterious spaceman was stopped, but the little girl is still out there. About that little girl, is she a timelord, because she totally regenerated? And is Amy her mother? So many questions, so little time.

I can't decide if I want to know everything or nothing.

I also want to take a moment and talk about how great River Song is. That scene where she and The Doctor flirt while confronting The Silence and then she shoots them all was ridiculously awesome.

I reiterate, I want to be River Song when I grow up.

As badass as she was against the Silence, she was equally heartbreaking when she realized that The Doctor was on the path to not knowing her and that day she's regretting is coming closer.

River is too good a character to waste, she needs her own show, like Captain Jack and Sarah Jane.

Next week, it's pirates and an alien mermaid.

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