Thursday, April 14, 2011

Soaps most suprising twist ending

Soap operas are known for shocking twists like evil twins and sudden amnesia, however, the most surprising twist came when ABC announced today that it was cancelling "All My Children" and "One Life to Live."

While rumors have been brewing for awhile, it was just recently that "All My Children's" producers assured cast members that the show wasn't being canceled.

Unfortunately, ABC had other ideas and said that it would be ending the long running daytime dramas in favor of new lifestyle programming.

I understand that soaps have been struggling for awhile, dealing with diminishing ratings and massive budget cuts. However, soaps are a different kind of TV, their longevity breeds loyalty and creates generational viewing, where the show is passed down through the family.

This announcement truly breaks my heart, as I have been watching soaps my whole life, because my grandmother loved them and it became our daily routine to watch her stories. To this day when I watch, I think of her.

"All My Children" ends in September and "One Life to Live" airs its finale in January 2012. I will of course talk about this more as the finales approach, but now I'm going to watch a marathon of Erica Kane's weddings and cry.

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