Thursday, April 28, 2011

The most outrageous news ever

If you're like me and think life was simpler and made more sense in the '80s, then rejoice as one of the decade's biggest icons returns to TV.

The Hub is adding to its already stellar lineup by bringing back classic cartoon "Jem."

"Jem" is the story of fashion designer Jerrica, who has magical earrings connected to a cool computer that change her into international pop star Jem, lead singer of The Holograms.

This show is fantastically, unapologetically '80s. From the music to the clothes to the hair, it's all totally awesome.

Jerrica's boyfriend Rio had purple hair and didn't know she was also Jem. Each show revolved around the band helping out the orphans Jerrica cared for and fighting The Misfits, their rival band.

I cannot overstate how much I loved this show and how excited I am to see it back on TV. Episodes begin airing on The Hub May 31, with a special preview May 28.

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