Sunday, April 3, 2011

Look at the best of the rest of Wrestlemania

With a mere few hours to go before Wrestlemania 27, we are only caught up through 10. So here are the best matches and moments from 11-26.

Wrestlemania 11 - Not the best PPV ever and I'd normally loath giving the thumbs up to a match involving a non-wrestler, but the Lawrence Taylor/Bam Bam Bigelow match was entertaining. And you have to give major kudos to Bigelow for not only carrying a football player, but also making it a decent match.

Wrestlemania 12 - One of my favorites. And you'll see a pattern developing here with the best matches. The Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart one hour Iron Man match, is not only one of the best Wrestlemania matches of all-time, but of all-time period.

Wrestlemania 13 - Many consider this the start of the "Attitude" era for the WWE. And the big match on this card to do it? Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin in a submission match. Many people will remember the visual of a bloody Austin locked in the sharpshooter. Great story, great wrestling and a double turn with Hart turning to a bad guy and Austin to a good guy. Genius.

Wrestlemania 14 - The big time "Attitude" era Wrestlemania. Meh undercard that was led by Austin vs. Michaels with Mike Tyson as the guest referee. Good match, but nothing special. Undertaker continued his streak by beating his brother Kane in a good match.

Wrestlemania 15 - The main event of The Rock vs. Austin, great match, might be everyone's favorite on this one. Me? I could care less for the entire card. I did enjoy Shane McMahon's match against X-Pac. This was also the PPV where boxer Butterbean destroyed Bart Gunn in 35 seconds. Ouch.

Wrestlemania 16 - Also known as Wrestlemania 2000. The main event of Triple H/Big Show/Rock/Mankind was meh extreme. Mostly because three tag teams stole the show with a ladder. The Hardy's, Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz put on one of the best tag matches of all-time. But, they put on an even better match down the line.

Wrestlemania 17 - Also known as Wrestlemania X-Seven. This might be the one of note for fans of this year's Wrestlemania as this was the first showdown between Undertaker and Triple H. Great, great match, but nothing can touch the rematch of the ladder match from the previous year. It's like all six men re watched the match and figured out what worked and what didn't and put on the most perfect match ever. Many people consider this the best Wrestlemania match of all-time. It's hard to argue against it.

Wrestlemania 18 - Overall, a great PPV with good matches from start to finish. We got Ric Flair vs. the Undertaker with an Arn Anderson run-in, Chris Jericho vs. HHH and The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan. Many fans really love that match. It's a great one because it was a dream match that people never thought they'd see. Great story and the crowd even started to like Hogan again, who was a bad guy at the time.

Wrestlemania 19 - So-so main events of Booker T vs. HHH (Booker should have won the belt) and Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle. Neither match really did anything for me. But, the undercard was good. One match between Jericho and Michaels was jaw droppingly amazing. Talk about a wrestling lesson! Wow. Also near the top on many people's lists.

Wrestlemania 20 - Oh boy, Stephanie has some harsh words for this one because of the Goldberg/Lesnar match, which was a dream match that ended up being a horrible nightmare. But, the two title matches were five star events. First Eddie Guerrero beat Angle in a great match. Then Chris Beniot beat Michaels and HHH in a triple threat match. And the end provided one of the most emotional endings to a PPV ever, with lifelong friends Guerrero and Beniot standing in the ring, both holding their titles after many years of working hard to get there. It is very sad to watch that clip now, with both men dead in tragic ways.

Wrestlemania 21 - Two things saved this otherwise dull PPV from being a total disaster. The Money in the Bank Ladder match, where six men fought for a title opportunity by using ladders in the most insane ways. And second, the Angle/Michaels match. That match was almost 30 minutes of wrestling goodness.

Wrestlemania 22 - zzzzzzzz. Sorry. Rey Mysterio winning the World Title was great...

Wrestlemania 23 - Pretty much the same. Nothing to get excited about. Michaels carried John Cena to a pretty good match, but with this kind of undercard it doesn't take much to stand out.

Wrestlemania 24 - Good seeing CM Punk win the Money in the Bank match. Overall, a few good matches. Edge had a great match with The Undertaker, but nothing can top Michaels vs. Flair in Flair's last match with the WWE. Man, talking about passing the torch.

Wrestlemania 25 - This one was all about Michaels vs. The Undertaker. You want to see a great match, watch this one. Both guys busting their butts for over 30 minutes to put on a wrestling clinic. I am positive that trainers show this match to students who want to be wrestlers. It's that good.

Wrestlemania 26 - Another case where a rematch can be even better. This time Michaels put his career on the line against the Undertaker and lost. And lost to a jumping Tombstone piledriver. Almost breathtaking in a way. Jericho and Edge also had a top notch match that shouldn't be forgotten. Hart and Vince McMahon had a street fight that people were waiting years to see.

Predictions for tonight? Do you honestly think HHH is going to beat Undertaker's streak? Heck no.

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