Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jamie Oliver is no heroic revolutionary

Let me start by being 100 percent honest, I don't like Jamie Oliver. However, I watched the premiere of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" with an open mind, that lasted about five minutes.

Oliver has a solid message about childhood obesity that needs to be heard. Unfortunately it is drowned out by his massive ego.

In season two of the Emmy winning show, Oliver is taking on the Los Angeles Unified School District over the food served in school cafeterias. When he approaches the school board with his ridiculous condescending tone, they naturally say no. He is then forced to do things on his own.

This involves him working with a local family owned burger restaurant and attending a school nutrition conference.

In each case his valid ideas are lost in a sea of self important grandstanding and douchebaggery. He tries to get the restaurant owner to change his menu, by insulting his family business and embarasses a speaker at the conference by belittling his presentation.

His d-bag tendencies are so over the top, the show has the opposite effect and makes you want to head for the nearest drive thru out of spite.

As a show it has a good message, however, it needs a different host because Oliver's ego is drowning it out.

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