Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Green Lantern takes over Wondercon

While plenty of great comic book news came out of Wondercon, this weekend was all about Green Lantern.

From the awesome four minutes of footage from the upcoming movie "Green Lantern" to the spectacular "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" animated DVD to the comic book panel, I felt like I had joined the Lantern Corps.

Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns explained why he thinks the character has become so popular in recent years.

"The types of stories you can tell with Green Lantern, because it's so different from every other hero that's out there cause it's really sci-fi," Johns said. "Green Lantern is much more than a superhero, it's a sci-fi epic."

The live action film stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and Blake Lively as Carol Ferris. The first trailer didn't generate the expected buzz, however, the extended footage shown at Wondercon was amazing and got fans excited about the film again.

The clip featured Jordan finding a crashed Abin Sur and receiving his ring, he then says the oath (a totally geeked out moment,) and travels to Oa. The excitement in the room was ridiculous when Reynolds appeared on stage and led the crowd in the Green Lantern oath.

Reynolds was endlessly charming and the fans loved him.

Following the "Green Lantern" panel, there was a screening of the animated DVD release "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights." The film features stories of various Green Lanterns woven together as the Corps prepares to battle a powerful foe.

The cast includes the voices of Nathan Fillion, Elisabeth Moss, Jason Issacs, Kelly Hu and Wade Williams. The film is executive produced by Bruce Timm and features voice direction by Andrea Romano, who have worked on many of DC's most acclaimed animated projects.

The movie is an exciting, action-packed adventure that serves as a nice intro to the Green Lantern world for non-nerds. Fillion is perfectly cast as Jordan, showing the perfect blend of heroism and cockiness.

"Emerald Knights" hits stores on June 7, preceding the live action theatrical, which will be released June 17.

At conventions like Wondercon, it's all about buzz coming out of the show, and this year Green Lantern took the crown. While it was the biggest blockbuster at the convention, it also had the most to prove.

In the days since the clip hit the Internet, fan excitement has been re-energized and the film has regained ground against its competitors. Which is exactly what DC and Warner Bros. needed.

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