Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Glee' delivers a message of acceptance

The second season of "Glee" has been up and down. While the story of Kurt being bullied was beautifully crafted, Rachel and Finn's breakup and Will and Emma's relationship have been subpar.

It also seems like the other kids have been pushed aside for a select few. Well this week's much hyped 90 minute "Born This Way" episode not only brought the glee club back where it should be, it reminded fans why they fell in love with the show to begin with.

The story began with Rachel hurting her nose and considering a nose job. This revelation led to the club discussing the flaws they're ashamed of. This was a great topic that featured some real life conversations about body image and acceptance.

By far the best number of the episode was the mash of TLC's "Unpretty" and "I Feel Pretty" from "West Side Story." Rachel and Quinn blended the softness and vulnerability of their voices perfectly. The sadness of the song was heartbreaking.

The other musical highlight involved Kurt's inevitable return to McKinley. The Warblers showed up to say their goodbyes courtesy of Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know" (a personal favorite of mine). It was a sweet, touching moment where Kurt was thanking friends who helped him out and accepted him when he really needed it.

The subplot revolved around the race for prom queen and what Santana and Lauren did to take down Quinn. Santana discovered Karofsky's secret and came up with a crazy idea of pretending to date each other in order to become prom king and queen.

Meanwhile, Lauren decided to dig up some dirt on Quinn and found out that she used to be a fat, glasses wearing outcast with the nickname "Lucy Caboosey." Unfortunately her plan backfired and Quinn became even more popular.

The whole show ended with the big "Born This Way" number, which, while not the best drove home the message of the show. It may have been a little schmaltzy but their are a lot of young fans of "Glee" who are looking at themselves in a better light following this episode.

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