Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Edge's stunning retirement

WWE superstar Edge appeared on Monday Night Raw last night to announce his sudden retirement.

Eight years ago Edge suffered broken neck which resulted in spinal surgery. Unfortunately, he is now felling the consequences of that operation.

He stated that he recently had been suffering from numbness in his arms and after more tests, doctors advised him that he would never be medically ready to compete, and he was forced to retire.

This is a complete surprise, as Edge has showed no signs that anything was wrong. As a matter of fact, at Wrestlemania 27 he was in great condition as he defended the World Heavyweight Championship.

As he spoke last night Edge's emotions were high and he teared up when the crowd began to chant "Thank you Edge." He was greeted backstge by fellow superstars, who hugged him and offered their goodbyes.

As a wrestling fan, Edge has always been one of my favorites, his retirement will leave a huge hole in the WWE roster. I have no doubt that he continue to stay active in the business, as someone with his wrestling knowledge, quickwit and personality won't stay off TV for long.

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