Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Diddy chews the scenery on 'Hawaii Five-O'

Last night's episode of "Hawaii Five-O" guest starred Sean Combs as an undercover NYPD detective, whose family is targeted by the criminal he's chasing.

This storyline provided Combs with a lot of emotional scenes involving his character's son and hunting down the killer.

For the most part he was OK, however, there were a few scenes where he overacted so much it was distracting. This was especially disconcerting considering the show's guest star was the amazing Keith David.

I love Diddy. I love his music, his ambition and his entertaining spirit, but this just wasn't the right fit for him as an actor. In "Get Him to the Greek" he played an overexaggerated version of himself, which makes me think he's more suited to comedy.

The really crazy part is they left the end open for him to come back and join the team.

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