Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christian Slater returns to comedy in 'Breaking In'

FOX's new series "Breaking In" is a comedy tailor made for nerds. "Reaper's" Bret Harrison stars as Cameron Price, a brilliant computer hacker who scammed his way into a full ride at college. He is found out and blackmailed into working for Contra Security, a company full of eccentrics led byu Christian Slater as Oz.
While "Breaking In" follows the normal office comedy cliches of the wacky workers and the over the top boss, it breaks out of the mold with the performances by its strong cast.

Harrison is instantly likable in the lead role, and is sufficiently normal compared to the rest of his co-workers. Alphonso Macauley stands out as Cash, the strategic expert with an 161 IQ. He is also the office's resident prankster and nerd. He first appears on screen dressed as Han Solo and makes hilarious pop culture references throughout the episode.

However, the show is stolen by Slater's Oz. He is mysterious and eccentric and provides Slater to use comedic skills we haven't seen from him in a while. While he is the most experienced cast member, Slater has high praise for his funny co-stars.

"I definitely felt like they were setting the bar very, very high and if I didn't show up and be as prepared as I could possibly be then I would definitely fall behind with the timing and comedic genius that they posses," said Slater in a phone interview.

Though he is known for playing eccentric characters, Slater said that Oz is different from anyone he's ever played.

"Well, I do like the fact that he's a eight moves ahead kind of guy. You know, he pretty much knows what the outcomes are going to be right from the get-go, which I really appreciated and I like," he said.

"Breaking In" may be a office comedy with the usual characters, but it's hilarious and entertaining and features Christian Slater sitting in Captain Kirk's chair.

The premiere airs April 6 at 9:30 p.m. following "American Idol."

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Gina said...

Excellent show! My wife and kids have caught on to character Cash's catch phrase "Boom goes the Dynamite!" I have read some reviews that try to sound impressive with a I'm to cool to fool mood, complaining that the show is "pandering" to the geek crowd. Please see Firefly, Futurama, The Big Bang Theory, and even The X-Files. AS for me and my own, we are sharing the laughter with all of our friends. Here's hoping Fox is able to keep this fun show running and growing!