Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrating soaps: 'All My Children's' greatest couples

This week's celebrating soaps dicusses the top ten greatest "All My Children" couples. I'm sure there will be great debate among soap fans on how the list shapes up, but keep in mind these are only the opinion of someone whose been watching daytime since the womb.

1. Tad and Dixie-The mark of a great supercouple, is that no matter who they're with, it will never live up to that one true love. Throughout the years Tad and Dixie had other loves. As a matter of fact, Tad had a couple of great pairings pre-Dixie, but none of that matters, because Tad and Dixie were meant to be.

There's is a love that transcends time, space and magic. Like all good soap couples, they have dealt with obstacles like evil ex-husbands, amnesia and even death, as both have been "dead" a few times. However, none of that could keep them apart, because they are one another's true loves. Since Dixie was last killed, Tad has seemed like a piece of him is missing and the character has never been the same.

As the show prepares to wrap up its run, the writers need to give fans a nice Tad and Dixie send off, even if it involves Dixie as a ghost visiting Tad to help him move on.

2. Angie and Jesse-A couple so fated to be together, 25 years and a real soap death couldn't keep them apart. Angie was the privileged nice girl, while Jesse was the thug from the wrong side of the tracks, it's a story as old as time, how could they not end up together?

They ran away and got married, starting one of the greatest love stories in all of soaps. The summer Jesse went on the run with Jenny, my grandmother never missed an episode. Angie's love transformed Jesse into an upstanding citizen who even became a cop. When he was shot in the line of duty and died in the hospital while Angie looked on, I cried like crazy.

However, when he came back and they reunited at that train station, I cried even more. The convoluted circumstances of his return didn't matter, all that mattered was that my favorite couple was back where they belonged, together.

3. Zach and Kendall-I know putting them this high on the list is going to draw criticism, but what makes them great, is that not only did they love each other, they didn't try to change each other.
Both of these characters are complicated people, so finding a partner who could understand and accept them was difficult. Ryan and Aidan always wanted to change Kendall and Zach needed a woman who could challenge him. In yet another classic soap storyline, their marriage of convenience turned into a real union when they fell in love.

Though they were put through the soap ringer, they never stopped loving one another until the day Zach died in a plane crash. Of course, the body was never recovered and in the soap world that means he's not dead. If there's one thing "All My Children" does before it ends, it needs to reunite Zach and Kendall.

4. Jenny and Greg-You know a couple is great when fans still talk about them long after both stars have left the show. Jenny and Greg were part of the greatest summer ever with Angie, Jesse, Tad and Liza. They were the very definition of young love. They went through everything, scheming exes, sudden paralysis and an untimely death. Jenny's death is still one of the most talked about in soap history and will probably be mentioned when we get to the most heartbreaking deaths.

Laurence Lau and Kim Delaney have stated in several interviews that not a day goes by that someone doesn't come up to them to talk about Jenny and Greg. Now that's a supercouple.

5. Stuart and Cindy-Adam's twin brother Stuart was never as smart as Adam, but he had a sweetness to him that everyone loved. When he fell in love with Cindy Parker, an AIDS patient, it was truly groundbreaking television.

There beautiful love story served to showcase David Canary's brilliant acting and educated viewers about AIDS at a time when the disease was becoming a household name. Cindy's death is an episode that is still remembered as one of the best in the show's history.

6. Cliff and Nina

7. Hayley and Mateo

8. Leo and Greenlee

9. Cecily and Nico

10. Adam and Brooke

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