Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'V:' Is it too little, too late?

Last night's season (possible series) finale of "V" jammed an entire season worth of plot into one hour. If the show had been this engrossing and action packed from the start, the ratings may have been better.

We opened with Erica in bed with Hobbes having a nightmare about Anna. It's nice to see that these two are continuing their affair, even freedom fighters need to relax.

This leads to another Fifth Column hare brained scheme where they give the most important job to the weakest team member. The group fakes Lisa's kidnapping to lure Anna out so they can kill her. Of course the plan fails when Anna cons Lisa and she can't pull the trigger.

This mistake leads to the plan's failure and the death and downfall of most of the team. The Fifth Column is the most inept group of rebels ever. Their plans always fail and generally lead to worse consequences.

Once word spreads about Lisa chickening out, Hobbes disappears and Ryan, who won't leave the ship without his daughter, ends up having his neck snapped by said daughter. Chad is found out by Anna and Erica is taken by a mysterious organization.

In the best moment of the show Anna kills Diana while she is addressing all the visitors, turns to Lisa and says, "that's how you kill your mother." Can you imagine Thanksgiving at that house?

Lisa is then given her grandmother's sewer prison and forced to watch as her evil twin has sex with her boyfriend Tyler and then eats him. It was like the producers knew how annoying Tyler had been and saved the most gruesome death for him.

Meanwhile, Erica discovered that her boss and partner were a part of Project Ares, a secret government program hoping to fight the visitors. Or as project leader Lars Tremont (awesome name) subtly put it, "humanity's last hope."

Tremont was played by original series star Marc Singer, who while highly publicized, was only in the last two minutes.

The show ended on the cliffhanger of Ryan's super powerful hybrid daughter helping Anna bliss all of humanity, including Jack, thus putting them under her control.

Wow, all that was in one hour. If the producers had spread some of that out they could have made a can't miss show. Now, it's on the bubble leaning towards cancellation.

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