Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Original Songs' help 'Glee' return to form

Amazingly "Glee" has featured two solid episodes in a row, with last week's "Sexy" and last night's "Original Song" reminding fans why they fell in love with New Directions two years ago.

"Original Song" was all about regionals and the club's quest to write original songs for the competition.

The show opened with Quinn back in mean girl mode, trying to protect her relationship with Finn from his connection to Rachel. This storyline while tiresome provided one of the show's best scenes when Quinn informed Rachel that she had no future with Finn because she was destined to leave and they were meant to stay in Ohio.

Though she could have been a little more tactful, it did give Rachel the heartbreak she needed to write "Get It Right," a great Celine-esque power ballad that Lea Michele belted like nobody's business.

The other highlight was the advancement of the Kurt/Blaine pair, who sung a very sweet duet of "Candles" by Hey Monday and also kissed and made their relationship official.

Blaine told Kurt that he was the one he had been waiting for and then they kissed. It was very high school sweet, kudos to the producers for not leaking that scene.

The only part that fell flat was the judges, Kathy Griffin as a Sarah Palin clone, Loretta Devine as a stripper turned nun and of course local news anchor Rod Remington. The scene felt shoehorned in and just didn't work.

Plus, how dare the producers have Loretta Devine on and not have her sing? Can you imagine how great it would be to hear her and Amber Riley sing a duet?

It's a shame that with momentum going strong the show will be in reruns for a few weeks, but hopefully the high quality will continue when it returns.

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