Saturday, March 12, 2011

Misha Collins and The Random Acts are heading back to Haiti this summer!

For those of you that don't pay as much attention to Twitter and some of the rest of us, Misha Collins, star of "Supernatural" tweeted a video today.

Random Acts, the charity that he created, is going back to Haiti this summer to build a new Community Center, and he is asking people to come with him!!

The first people that raise $5,000 will be joining him, fellow "Supernatural" co-star Matt Cohen, and the rest of The Random Acts team at the end of June this summer to go build!

And yes, I made a donation page and am joining to contest. I have always wanted to participate in this kind of relief work, and finally, here is a great opportunity. So follow this link and GO DONATE!!

And even if I do not reach the goal of $5,000 it is still for a great cause!!

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