Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let me tell you something BROTHA!

"Wrestlemania" is less than a week away so I thought some blogs about wrestling would be a clever thing.

Especially considering it's not Stephanie who is writing them.

Other than "Wrestlemania," WWE also has something else big out this week: "WWE All Stars."

The new video game has the stars of today taking on the biggest stars of yesterday.

Yes, there are current stars like Rey Mysterio, Sheamus and Kofi Kingston alongside classics like Ricky Steamboat, Andre the Giant and The Ultimate Warrior.

It's just too bad the end result couldn't live up to the dream of what could have been.

Kind of like when WWE bought WCW 10 years ago (March 23 to be exact, nerdy!).

I played one version of the demo on the Playstation network and a different one on the XBox 360 at Best Buy.

Both were very "meh."

Stephanie and I both got a first look at this game back at E3 and even then we had some issues.

The first is the size of the characters. Each one looks like they've been on super steroids for years. Even little Rey Mysterio looks like a bodybuilder. And for a business that's always been troubled by talk of steroids... not the best idea to do.

Controls are basic enough, two sets of attacks and two sets of grapples. Nothing complex. But, that also means not a lot of variety.

The actions, much like the muscles, are also extremely exaggerated. For example, when Mysterio flings an opponent around, the other guy flies high into the air and spins around like crazy.

One side of the coin would say that's a cool thing. The other side is just reminded of this.

Overall, save your money. Don't even Redbox it.

Rent the last "Smackdown vs. Raw" game.

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