Monday, March 21, 2011

The gutsiest 'Amazing Race' ever

On last week's episode of "Inscaped" I discussed how unimpressed I was with this season's "The Amazing Race." Well that all changed last night.

After falling way behind the other teams, Kynt and Vyxsin got the luckiest break ever when Phil informed them that they were not eliminated but in fact still racing. They were, however, the victims of a 30 minute penalty, but were still very much in the race when all the teams met up at a train station.

While waiting for the 7 p.m. train, the Globetrotters, the cowboys and Kisha and Jen had a fun, impromptu basketball game, where Flight Time and Big Easy got to show off their cool Globetrotter skills. It was nice to see the teams in this relaxed environment away from the stress of the race. Plus, how great did the cowboys look in those Globetrotter jerseys.

When the train ride ended and the race was once again on, it became clear that "The Amazing Race" I know and love was back. Word quickly spread that a double u-turn was at an upcoming clue box and it sent shockwaves through the teams.

Kynt and Vyxsin, with that penalty looming over their heads, had to get to the double u-turn early, so they could buy themselves some time.

Following a foot race to the clue with Jamie and Cara, Kynt and Vyxsin pulled the ballsiest move ever and u-turned Jamie and Cara right to their face.

It was awesome.

Unfortunately, Jamie and Cara then u-turned the Globetrotters, making them turn around and complete a shockingly easy memorization task, although their nicknames for the historical Chinese characters was hilarious.

All the teams were once again bunched up at the roadblock, which entailed building a giant dinosaur model that perfectly matched the diagram and an architect's standards.

I found it crazy that Jet was the only competitor to frequently check the diagram, this attention to detail led to the cowboys finishing the roadblock first. Their streak continued when they passed Gary and Mallory, (who wisely used the express pass to avoid all the dinosaur drama,) and finished in first place.

Kynt and Vyxsin arrived fourth, but took fifth after their penalty time out. The Globetrotters ended up in seventh place and in an incredible stroke of karma, the evil Jamie and Cara came in last and were eliminated from the race.

I have never been more excited to see a team eliminated as Jamie and Cara represent everything that other countries hate about traveling Americans.

Next week the race heads to India where the contenders are usually separated from the wannabees.

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