Thursday, March 24, 2011

FX cancels 'Lights Out,' fans of good TV suffer

In mind-bottling crazy news, FX has canceled the critically acclaimed drama "Lights Out." The show follows the attempted comeback of "Lights" Leary, a former heavyweight boxing champion, as he deals with complicated family drama and tries to figure out who he is away from the ring.

The show is bolstered by a star-making performance by Holt McCallany as Lights and was really just starting to hit its stride.

This news is surprising since FX is the kind of network that usually takes a chance on shows like this.

The show's producers should be on the phone right now with Starz, HBO and Showtime, because it would be a perfect fit for any of their networks.

As for McCallany, his charm, build, good looks and acting chops make him perfect for any number of superhero movies currently in production. He is someone who should be wearing a cool costume and flying through the air.

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