Monday, March 28, 2011

FOX renews 'Fringe,' fans of good TV celebrate

Yes, this is a lighthearted, yet exciting parody of Stephanie's post. She's cool with it.

Plus, it's her birthday! Happy 23rd birthday Stephanie!

Onto the show...

In mind-bottling crazy news, FOX has renewed the critically acclaimed drama "Fringe" for a fourth season. The show follows an FBI team that investigates strange cases like teleportation, mind control and other dimensions.

The show is bolstered by a star-making performance by John Noble as Walter Bishop and has really just been hitting it out of the park with his crazy performances. Bonus points for playing the other dimension Bishop known as "Walternate."

This news is surprising since FOX moved the show to Friday, which is considered the "death slot." Remember it "Firefly" fans?

This gives the show a little more breathing room and the best news that it doesn't have to finish up it's battle of the two Earths storyline (right away.) This, in fact, might be just what the show needs to turn into the next "X-Files."

See, when a network actually cares about a show and are willing to give it a chance great things can happen.

On a personal note, this renewal marks the last one I needed to get all of my favorite shows coming back next year! Awesome.

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