Thursday, February 10, 2011

'X-Men: First Class' trailer: First thoughts

The first official trailer for "X-Men: First Class" hit the web today and like "Captain America" before it, this trailer has lessened my fears about the final product.

James McAvoy had the confidence and intellect of Professor X, while Michael Fassbender had Magneto's contempt and air of superiority down cold.

Thankfully it appears that January Jones isn't in it much, but that could still be wrong. The action seems to take place in the '60s right after the Cuban Missile Crisis. The trailer also did a good job of linking the film to the previous three.

The X-Men have always been my favorite superheroes, so I'm always excited when a new movie comes out. Of course there's always the idea that any movie can look good in a two minute highlight clip.

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