Monday, February 21, 2011

Now that's great television

The flagship "CSI" was great this last week.

Partially due to this:

But, also for the much better subplot.

Ever since he was introduced, Laurence Fishburne's Dr. Raymond Langston has had an arch nemesis: Nate Haskell played by Bill Irwin.

Now before we get into Haskell, let's talk a minute about Irwin.

Did you know he was in Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy" music video?

He also was in "Rachel Getting Married" and "The Adventures of Pete and Pete."

On "CSI" he plays the crazed Dick and Jane Killer, who had been in jail to start for murdering 19 people.

Fishburne's first episode had him using Haskell in his college crime course.

He has appeared numerous times, including last season where he stabbed and almost killed Langston.

While Bieber fever was all over this episode, the real plot was the trial of Haskell trying to murder Langston.

This is where Irwin shined. He acted as his own attorney and hammed it up in the creepiest and best serial killer way possible.

The end, spoiler alert, even had Haskell escaping jailing to torment Langston at a later date (season finale perhaps?)

All I'm saying is that the Emmy voters should be looking very close at Irwin come next year for that Best Guest Actor in a Drama award.

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