Wednesday, February 16, 2011

'Glee' starts its 'Comeback'

To say that "Glee" has been inconsistent this season is an understatement. Season two of the hit show has been like an awful roller coaster ride. Episodes have ranged from the truly bad post Super Bowl spectacle to the fantastic "Grilled Cheesus" and "Furt."

This weeks's aptly titled episode "Comeback" signaled a return to the fun ridiculousness that made the show hot to begin with. Following her failure to make Nationals Sue had nothing to live for and joined New Directions to cheer up.

This led to a hilarious showdown between Jane Lynch and the rest of the glee club. Though she is mired in depression, Sue's disdain for the kids is still in tack and it was great to see them call her out for the things she's done to them.

Predictably Sue decided to turn the club against each other by having Mercedes and Rachel compete in a diva off. This was a treat for the fans since it's so rare to see these two belt a song out together.

Lea Michele and Amber Riley took on the "Rent" showstopper "Take Me or Leave Me" and it was spectacular. Ryan Murphy should figure out a way for these two to sing together more because it brought a level of fun and excitement to the show that has been missing lately.

I also loved each of their explanations to Sue about what makes a good diva. Mercedes is clearly in the Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle camp with her sassy fingers and weave flips, while Rachel is all about Barbra Streisand and Patti Lupone with contained emotions bursting out in song.

In the show's most authentic yet emotionally manipulating scene, Will takes Sue to the pediatric cancer unit of a hospital to show her the power of song. Apparently he comes there once a month to sing to the kids. There are various reports on the Internet that this scene was shot at a real pediatric cancer ward, but the producers have not confirmed those stories.

This moment of clarity led to Sue suggesting a big finale number, "Sing" by My Chemical Romance. This song seemed tailor made for one of "Glee's" big showstoppers and it didn't disappoint. Unfortunately, Sue was back to her old self by the end of the show and joined New Directions' rival Aural Intensity.

The other stuff:
  • Finn is becoming more of a d-bag every episode. Ryan Murphy we're supposed to like the characters remember.
  • Sam and Santana, really? How about we get some backstory into Santana and show why she's ok being the slut.
  • Brittany is comic gold. Getting her out of that Cheerios uniform was the best thing ever.
  • How come Matthew Morrison never sings anymore?
Next week is Rachel's wild house party where anything can happen, let's hope the show continues to get back to its roots.

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